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Moving from Scarcity to Sustainability

In the recent past the Session came to the congregation to say our financial house is not in order and we need your help. The Session pledged to get our financial affairs in order. And you responded to their call, with a renewed financial pledge. Session has put right our accounting of and we know where we are financially. Session and congregation working together have enabled EPC to emerge from what could have been a financial crisis. Now the stewardship team comes to you with gratitude for what you have done and with an invitation and challenge to move EPC from a bare-bones budget to one that is sustainable and supportive of our growing ministries.

The goal of this 2 year campaign, moving from scarcity to sustainability is to reach a budget plateau of a minimum of $250,000. With the pie chart you see our current budget depicted by general percentages. With a more sustainable budget possible by renewed giving we will be able to move forward on multiple fronts:
  • Buildings and Grounds: We have been entrusted with a beautiful church facility that always needs repair and maintenance. To be good stewards of this plant we cannot postpone indefinitely work that needs to be done.
  • Children and Youth: During the austerity of recent times, the support that we have offered our children and youth and our preschool has been reduced to the lowest levels. It’s time to re-invest in our children and youth.
  • Mission: To be a healthy, vital, faithful community we know ourselves sent into the world as partners in Christ’s service. With a sustainable budget we will be able to have a robust commitment to our mission of stewardship of God’s creation.
  • Our Presbyterian connection: One of the casualties of our budget shortfall last year was our Presbyterian “connectionalism”, our pledge to support the mission of the larger church.
  • Staff: Session is committed to continue moving toward terms of call/salary that is commensurate with our pastor’s level of experience and with providing all of our staff a living wage.