Shelby O' Toole to be Ministry Coordinator

July 9, 2012

The duties of the Ministry Coordinator will be as follows:


·      To provide administrative oversight and pastoral care to the church and its members approximately 20 hours per week.

·      During these hours, the Coordinator will serve the pastoral needs of members and friends of EPC as they arise (including hospital and home visits) and provide organizational oversight of day-to-day church administration including oversight of church personnel.


With respect to administrative oversight, the Ministry Coordinator will:


1.     In collaboration with the secretary, set priorities for work flow and tasks.

2.     Coordinate pastoral care needs of nursing home residents, homebound members, and others in need of a ministry of compassion.

3.     Act as a liaison between Dr. Johnson (and other clergy leading worship) and church staff to prepare for Sunday worship.   This will include insuring that the worship leader's wishes with respect to bulletin preparation, music selection, etc. are carried out appropriately.

4.     Meet with the Organist and Director of Music to insure that they are receiving appropriate support for their ministries.

5.     Provide oversight of and support for the Church Secretary as the secretary maintains the church website, newsletter, administrative records, and communications to members and friends.  In this role, she will provide the secretary with weekly updates to be posted on the church website, articles to be included in the church newsletter, and instructions with respect to any other communications to members and friends of EPC (such as news of births or deaths).

6.     Meet with families to coordinate baptisms, weddings, and funerals as these needs may arise.  This will include helping families secure appropriate ordained clergy to perform these services.

7.     Attend meetings of the Ruling Elders, as able, to keep the Session apprised of the operational needs of the church and its staff.


Leaving EPC End of July

June 21, 2012
Dear Members and Friends of Elkin Presbyterian Church,Doug-headshot 3

     At a specially-called meeting of the church council last night, the Session approved my request to terminate my interim contract with Elkin Presbyterian Church effective July 31, 2012. After much discernment, I’ve accepted the invitation to be the Interim Pastor for the Shallowford Presbyterian church located in Lewisville, NC.

     My work will begin on August 1, 2012 and my last day with you will be Sunday, July 22nd.

    This decis...

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Pastor Nominating Committee

May 7, 2012
Ann Ashman, Robin Chandler, Stacey Libbert, Randy Tulbert, and Chris Willingham

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What happens after the Pastor Nominating Committee is elected?

May 2, 2012
  1. Salem Presbytery Liaison and Interim to describe process to Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
  2. PNC officers elected.
  3. Interim and Liaison describe Church Information Form (CIF) process to PNC.
  4. CIF written.
  5. Session approves CIF.
  6. Liaison sends CIF to Neighborhood Presbyter (NP).
  7. NP sends CIF to Calls & Vacancies Committee for approval.
  8. COM approves CIF or...  CIF revised as suggested by COM.
  9. NP provides PNC and Clerk of Session with Church leadership Connection (CLC) login information.
  10. CIF is ente...

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PNC Nominations

April 18, 2012
The church Nominating Committee is seeking input from the congregation for persons to serve on the pastor Nominating committee (PNC). Download this form and return to the church attn: Nominating Committee. Peggy Dudley (Ruling Elder, C0-Chair) and Barbara Fulp (Ruling Elder, Co-Chair) at the session/council reps. Members-at-large are Ron Ashman, Kate Henning-Carpentier, and Shelby O'Toole.

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Survey Results

February 1, 2012

Core Values Survey Results


TOP 10

52-Effective seasonal special events (such as Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Christmas Musical)

43-Effective fellowship events and activities

40-Effective preaching

35-Effective warmth and welcoming attitudes toward newcomers

35-Effective traditional style worship

33-Effective, quality facilities

29-Effective printed materials and communication systems

27-Effective care and concern for members/attendees during times of life stres...

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Core Values Survey

January 23, 2012

Why discovering Core Values is important.

A description of the survey.

Take the Core Values Survey (please return to the church)

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Interim Process Early 2012

January 14, 2012

Interim Process 2012

Dates are subject to change due to availability

 of Ruling Elders to hold meetings and attend retreat. 

January 15th–Ruling Elders begin to collect demographic data; creation of five year financial projection started 


January 29th–Congregational Gathering #1 (Lunch) to complete Core Values Survey

February 1st thru 16th–House Meetings (led by Ruling Elders) discuss results of Core Values Survey

February 18th–Council Retreat where House Meetings’ discussions revie...

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Next Phase of Interim Work: The self-study and plan of action

December 29, 2011

In the book Immunity to Change, Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey explain why so few people follow through on the resolutions they make for the new year. In the same pages, the authors offer step-by-step guidance on how people can be successful in making the kinds of changes they say they want to make.

The culprit is the inability to think complex thoughts....

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Nominating Committee Process

August 14, 2011
The Nominating Committee is Jeff Douglas (Ruling Elder; Chair), Andrew Mackie (Ruling Elder), Ron Ashman, Kate Henning-Carpentier, Shelby O'Toole and me (Interim/Teaching Elder).

We will be following a process that concentrates on discernment and seeking God's will. At our first two meetings, we'll be studying scripture and talking about our faith and the life of the church. In September, we'll also review what our new Form of Government says about the Ruling Elder viz. their work on the Counc...
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About Me

Served as Interim Pastor March 20122 to July 2012.

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