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Pastor Nominating Committee

Posted by Elkin Presbyterian Church on Monday, May 7, 2012,
Ann Ashman, Robin Chandler, Stacey Libbert, Randy Tulbert, and Chris Willingham

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What happens after the Pastor Nominating Committee is elected?

Posted by Doug Gebhard on Wednesday, May 2, 2012,
  1. Salem Presbytery Liaison and Interim to describe process to Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
  2. PNC officers elected.
  3. Interim and Liaison describe Church Information Form (CIF) process to PNC.
  4. CIF written.
  5. Session approves CIF.
  6. Liaison sends CIF to Neighborhood Presbyter (NP).
  7. NP sends CIF to Calls & Vacancies Committee for approval.
  8. COM approves CIF or...  CIF revised as suggested by COM.
  9. NP provides PNC and Clerk of Session with Church leadership Connection (CLC) login information.
  10. CIF is ente...

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