Interim Process 2012

Dates are subject to change due to availability

 of Ruling Elders to hold meetings and attend retreat. 

January 15th–Ruling Elders begin to collect demographic data; creation of five year financial projection started 


January 29th–Congregational Gathering #1 (Lunch) to complete Core Values Survey

February 1st thru 16th–House Meetings (led by Ruling Elders) discuss results of Core Values Survey

February 18th–Council Retreat where House Meetings’ discussions reviewed; Vision Statement and Mission Statement written; action plan created (based on previous statements)

February 25th–Congregational Gathering #2–results of Council retreat shared with congregation

March 7th–Council submits financial projection and requests permission of Committee on Ministry (COM) via Liaison to elect Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) NOTE: COM meets March 15th.

March 16th thru ???–Church Nominating Committee meets to select Pastor Nominating Committee

April 1st–Congregational Meeting held to elect PNC. NOTE: Notice must be given two Sundays prior to congregational meeting. 

April (early)–PNC meets with Committee on Ministry Liaison and Interim Pastor to be trained in the search process (Note: Interim Pastor after this has no involvement with PNC unless PNC requests resources, etc.)

April (mid to late)–Church Information Form (required to conduct search) is completed by the PNC with the aid of the Interim Pastor; CIF is reviewed by the COM and approved or returned for editing

May thru ???–PNC conducts search