The Nominating Committee is Jeff Douglas (Ruling Elder; Chair), Andrew Mackie (Ruling Elder), Ron Ashman, Kate Henning-Carpentier, Shelby O'Toole and me (Interim/Teaching Elder).

We will be following a process that concentrates on discernment and seeking God's will. At our first two meetings, we'll be studying scripture and talking about our faith and the life of the church. In September, we'll also review what our new Form of Government says about the Ruling Elder viz. their work on the Council (Session). 

At the October meeting, we'll look at the leadership needs of the church as they pertain to the work of the Ruling Elders. 

Finally, we will bring forward a list of five people we believe God has chosen to lead this congregation as the next slate of officers.

Most of what we will be doing is listening: to Go and to one another. We hope to hear God calling particular persons to leadership so our time together is prayerful, intentional, and done in humility. Please pray with and for us.

If you should be called upon to serve the church, know that this discernment wasn't dont rashly our out of selfish motives but done in response to the voice of God.