At the lunch on June 5th, everyone was given one Post-it note and told to write down the single most important event in the life of the church. Fifty feet of banner paper spanned the fellowship hall with years marking off the church's history in five-year increment (1895, 1900, etc.). 

Folks took their Post-it note and placed in on or near the date which corresponded with their note. We discussed each Post-it note with personal memories making the history come alive.

There were also green price stickers at each table. Each person was told to take four stickers and "vote" for the event or events posted on the timeline they felt was/were important. They could place all four stickers on one event or spread their votes out. The results are below.

Top 5 Historical Events for Elkin Presbyterian Church 1892–2011

1935–Mrs. Wellborn stopped the church from being closed

1957–Land on which the church now stands was purchased

1990–New building dedicated

2002–Rev. Brian Rummage installed; Tanya Smith’s music ministry began

2011–Rev. Rummage took new call; Doug Gebhard began as Interim

This information will be used next when the church completes a "self-study" or what's also called a "mission study." Data will be collected about the church's finances, membership and programs along with demographic trends and economic analysis of the region. By evaluating all of this data, the church will develop a new vision and mission statement which will give direction to what kind of skills the next installed pastor will need to posses to lead the church into the future.