Core Values Survey Results


TOP 10

52-Effective seasonal special events (such as Christmas Eve, Holy Week, Christmas Musical)

43-Effective fellowship events and activities

40-Effective preaching

35-Effective warmth and welcoming attitudes toward newcomers

35-Effective traditional style worship

33-Effective, quality facilities

29-Effective printed materials and communication systems

27-Effective care and concern for members/attendees during times of life stress

22-Effective nursery/preschool and elementary Sunday school classes

21-Effective relationships and teamwork among clergy, staff, and members



19-Effective hands-on involvement in community service efforts

18-Effective system for involving all new members in a group and a ministry role

18-Effective blended style worship (includes both traditional and contemporary singing)

17-Effective adult Sunday school classes

15-Effective recognition of people who provide volunteer service

13-Effective encouragement of attendees to invite community residents to visit worship

13-Effective children’s ministries (such as weeknights, after school, or Saturdays for 5th-6th grades)

12-Effective weekday, adult Bible study, prayer groups, and life-skill (parenting, marriage or relationship development) groups

12-Effective financial support of community service efforts

8-Effective junior high youth group



8-Effective teaching of personal financial stewardship

7-Effective advocacy of social justice issues in the community, nation, and world

6-Effective encouragement of attendees toward personal sharing with others regarding their faith 

6-Effective senior high youth group

4-Effective teaching of personal prayer habits

4-Effective financial support of world mission efforts

3-Effective senior high youth Sunday school classes

3-Effective hands-on involvement in world mission efforts

2-Effective contemporary style worship

1-Effective junior high Sunday school classes



Other (Add in the space below only if you believe one of our top ten core values is not on the above list):

·       “effective and quality music program”

·       “excellent music ministry”

·       “effective teaching and learning opportunities for spiritual growth”

·       “I can not agree with this process because what I value is not what the congregation seems to value according to this incomplete (emphasis was in original) list.”