1. Salem Presbytery Liaison and Interim to describe process to Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
  2. PNC officers elected.
  3. Interim and Liaison describe Church Information Form (CIF) process to PNC.
  4. CIF written.
  5. Session approves CIF.
  6. Liaison sends CIF to Neighborhood Presbyter (NP).
  7. NP sends CIF to Calls & Vacancies Committee for approval.
  8. COM approves CIF or...  CIF revised as suggested by COM.
  9. NP provides PNC and Clerk of Session with Church leadership Connection (CLC) login information.
  10. CIF is entered into CLC database.
  11. Liaison and Interim meet with PNC to discuss PIF review process.
  12. PIF’s received and reviewed.
  13. Liaison meets with PNC as needed.
  14. Top 2-3 candidates identified by PNC.
  15. Candidates’ names given to NP who contacts candidate’s presbytery.
  16. PNC given OK to invite candidates to in-person interviews.
  17. Final 2-3 candidates invited to on-site interview with PNC; coordinated with Liaison and COM.
  18. Liaison contacts COM to arrange suitability interviews; PNC present for interviews.
  19. COM interviews candidates for suitability.
  20. COM notifies Liaison and/or PNC of COM suitability approval or concerns.
  21. Examinations Committee interviews top candidates.
  22. Final candidate identified by PNC.
  23. Terms of Call presented by Liaison to COM for approval.
  24. COM approves Terms of Call; informs PNC they may request that Session call for a congregational meeting to elect candidate.
  25. Candidate identified and elected at congregational meeting.
  26. After elected by the congregation, PNC requests for presbytery commission to ordain/install new pastor which is presented to COM; PNC disbanded at ordination/installation.
  27. Mutual Support Team created; includes 1-2 members of the PNC.