So now that we've done the history review what happens next? First of all, the history information will be reviewed by the Session and the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) once they're elected. This information will give insight into the ebb and flow of God's working in the Elkin congregation.

During July the Session will meet for two workshops at which they will discuss the specifics of the next steps in the transitional process. They will have two tasks to complete themselves: visiting another church and interviewing a community leader. Both will help them get an "outside perspective" of the Elkin church. These perspectives will help them assess anew what works, what doesn't, and what could be done differently.

The congregation will begin work on a self-study or mission study. This study will be a review of congregational programs, a five year financial projection, community demographics and trends, and a look at the changing nature of mainline congregations. There will be after worship meetings and home meetings at which the people will discuss the results of the self study.

Emerging out of the study and conversations will be a new sense of purpose and how the mission of the church will be accomplished. Once that is fine-tuned, it will be come clearer as to what skills and competencies the next installed pastor will need to possess.

The Pastor Nominating Committee will be elected sometime during or near the end of the self study process.

I have told the session I will not hurry the process nor will I slow it down. The process is a God-centered journey and we will pay attention (as the Session) to God's guidance. My hope is that the self study will be completed by early Fall.

Check these pages for updates. Information will also be in the eNewsletters and bulletins.