Regular Session Meeting
Elkin Presbyterian Church
April 12, 2015

Ruling Elders present:
Shane Atwood, Pat Cosby, Beth Garner, Billy Ford, Will Gwyn, Ken Hon, Pam Mickey, Carolyn Sprinkle and Rusty Tysor.

Teaching Elder present: Rev. Stuart Taylor.

Courtney Snyder

Opening Prayer and reflection: Rev. Taylor served as moderator and opened the meeting with prayer at 6:00 PM. Rev. Taylor presented a video presentation on Green Faith.

Clerks Report:
  Communion was served on Maundy Thursday.

The next meeting of Salem Presbytery is scheduled for April 25, 2015 at Highland Presbyterian Church, Winston-Salem, NC. The meeting will be a time for worship, receive new pastors, celebrate an impending ordination and hear about the ministry and mission of our congregations. Also, a vote on 14-F. Marriage - On Amending W-4.9000 (Item 10-02) will take place.

s Report: Rev. Taylor expressed his appreciation of Love and Support from the congregation during the passing of his Mother.

A motion was made and approved to celebrate the Baptism of Avery Atwood, Sam Booher and Maia Schiekert on April 19, 2015.

Committee Reports:

Christian Education:
Beth Garner gave the report. Bible School is scheduled for July 6 - 9, 2015. “Clean Water for all God’s Children”

Ken Hon gave the report.  The Membership Committee was very pleased by the turnout for our church growth retreat on February 28th and felt the conversations generated many valuable perspectives and good ideas. Since then we have met twice as a committee to sift through these so that we might lift up to you some of the recommendations that we feel are priorities for our church. Our hope is that our the Session will be able to review and discuss these in greater depth. And if the way be clear, our hope is that various committees of session will begin to work on the priorities that overlap with their ministry area. And further we hope that by the beginning of the new program year in the fall we will be ready to move forward on some or all of the recommendations.

Mission: Billy Ford gave the report. The committee recommends that the $1,800.00 that EPC received from Salem Presbytery be disbursed as follows: $500.00 to the Berbecs in Africa, $500.00 to Watershed and $800.00 to Seminary Intern Expenses. Carried.

: A BBQ fundraiser will be held at Grassy Creek Cabins on April 19, 2015.

Rusty Tysor gave the report. Landscaping bids have been received and reviewed by the committee for a more inclusive and cost efficient service. The Committee recommended Ladd and Son’s Lawn Care to provide Landscaping services for the 2015 year. Session approved.

Pat Cosby gave the report. The Screen and Projector project was discussed after Worship service with members of the congregation on April 12, 2015. Written comments were received and distributed to the Session.

New Business:

Old Business:

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn (Atwood/Mickey). Motion carried.

Rev. Taylor closed the meeting with prayer at 8:05pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rusty Tysor, Clerk of Session