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October 14, 2013

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends of EPC,

Greetings! It is with great joy and excitement as well as humility we write to you about this family of faith with which each of us is so connected and deep-rooted. It has been two years since we embarked on the journey of searching for a minister and eventually issued a call to Rev. Stuart Taylor. He has been a good shepherd and we are excited that he will walk with us on this life journey of faith. We are filled with joy as we reflect on the many blessings God richly bestowed upon us. The many programs we all put in place were a result of God’s grace and a testimony of what God’s children can accomplish if they can give their best.

We are honored and humbled to be asked to co-chair this year’s Stewardship Committee. We know with your help and the support of our Finance Committee and the Session, we can do great things together. This church cannot be a warm welcoming church and truly the House of God for ALL peoples without your stretched arms to friends and neighbors of different colors, different economic and cultural background, different political beliefs and diverse thinking. This church cannot grow and cannot make a difference in this troubled world without your participation and selfless giving of your time, talents and resources. Our children cannot develop into a loving, caring Christians without your guidance and encouragement. Our young and seemingly strong cannot feel supported and comforted in time of despair and vulnerability without your kind words and sharing your own experience of weakness and vulnerability. Our old cannot feel loved, needed, respected and fulfilled without your appreciation, understanding and your consoling words and helping hands in time of loneliness and need. The generations to come cannot be guaranteed of clean air, water and beautiful landscape without your taking care of the environment.

The theme of our Stewardship Campaign this year is “Stewardship in ALL Life ..... Love Song of the Vineyard”. We will share more about our theme in our Moments for Stewardship during our worship services in October as well as in our October Newsletter. We urge you, as we offer thanks to God to think deep and hard what you can do during this stewardship season --- the Stewardship of ALL Life.

May God bless you and all you do!

Ann Ashman and Ken Hon, Co-Chairs, Stewardship Committee